Spectral-Temporal Metrology with Tailored Quantum Measurements


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Start date: 0000-00-00  End date: 0000-00-00
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Scientific manager: Christine Silberhorn   and for INO is: Toninelli Costanza

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Lombardi Pietro Ernesto

Abstract: Metrology explores the most efficient and precise way to perform measurements. This established area of study has
considerable impact on our everyday lives. A GPS would not work without the capability to measure distances precisely, and
spectral fingerprinting is an established technique to identify e.g. drugs. Better timing measurements could improve the
performance of GPS and laser ranging; better frequency resolution could help to identify more substances more quickly.
To explore more precise measurements, we can use quantum metrology. We can exploit the counterintuitive behaviour of
quantum objects to perform measurements with better accuracy compared to classical methods. For example, using
superposition, where the cat is both dead and alive; or entanglement, where objects are interwoven more tightly than
classically allowed.
Quantum metrology currently focusses on measuring phases, with only few works considering spatial separations. We will
take a new approach in considering time and frequency. STORMYTUNE’s time-frequency quantum metrology technology
toolbox will comprise two main elements.
We will develop a theory framework that will help us define the fundamental limitations of our idea, putting special emphasis
on implementing tailored quantum measurements. The goal being to outperform classical strategies and thus find immediate
applications, something that hasn’t been achieved in metrology to date.
We will build devices and prototypes that have functionality. We will demonstrate spectroscopy – frequency measurements –
with a resolution beyond classical limits. Further, we will implement compressed sensing techniques for the resource efficient
characterisation of time and frequency distributions of quantum light.
The STORMYTUNE consortium comprises world leading scientific and industry partners, who are ideally positioned to
achieve the ambitious vision of this project and build a state of the art time-frequency quantum metrology technology toolbox.