Optics Workshop


Logistics and instrumental resources

Located in the research unit of Arcetri, our Optics Workshop consists of four laboratories. These are devoted to manufacturing of advanced optical components both at a prototypical stage and for serial processing. The available instrumentation can be divided into three main groups:

  • Processing of raw materials and patinas: sawing machine, scratch machine, glassblowing, rough cut, decanter, etc.;
  • Optical processing: lapping machine, polishing/splicing of optical fibers, etc.;
  • Precision testing equipment: interferometer, curvature-ray measuring device, spherometer, micrometer, etc..

Skills and performed activity

The highly qualified staff boasts more than twenty years of experience, and actively contributes to the institute research. Our activity includes:

  • Manufacturing of plane-convex lenses, optical flats and prisms realized with different materials such as glass, silicon, quartz and germanium.
  • Processing of optical fibers (cutting, polishing, splicing).
  • Support for material choice and design of mechanical mountings.

During the years, several collaborations are worth mentioning:

  • Cape Coast University (Ghana).
  • Astrophysics Observatory, Arcetri, Florence.
  • Non-linear Spectroscopy Institute, Nice.
  • European Non-linear Spectroscopy Laboratory (LENS).
  • Physics Department of Florence and Pise University.
  • Neurophysiology Institute, CNR, Pisa.
  • Animal Biology and Genetics Department, Florence University.
  • Clinical Physiopathology, Florence University.


Human Resources
a) Arcetri
Staff: Mauro Pucci
Coordinator: Luca Mercatelli
Info and links: servizio.ottica@ino.cnr.it