Detail Project and Funding

Quantum technologies for extending the range of quantum communications


Funded by: Ministero dell’Istruzione, Università e Ricerca (MIUR)  
Start date: 2011-09-01  End date: 2015-02-28
Total Budget: EUR 2.000.000,00  INO share of the total budget: EUR 240.000,00
Scientific manager: Julien Laurat   and for INO is: Bellini Marco

Web Site: Visit

Organization/Institution/Company main assignee: Laboratoire Kastler Brossel (LKB), Université P. et M.Curie, Ecole Normale Supérieure, CNRS, France

other Organization/Institution/Company involved:
Group of Applied Physics (GAP), University of Geneva, Switzerland
Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), Spain
Quanta System (QuantaS), Italy
Universität des Saarlandes (UdS), Germany

other INO’s people involved:

Zavatta Alessandro

Abstract: QScale is a European research project, funded by the CHIST-ERA coordination. It is devoted to the development of advanced quantum communication technologies, specifically of quantum repeater architectures, which represent a major and timely challenge for the field of quantum information science and technology.

INO’s Experiments/Theoretical Study correlated:
Quantum light state engineering

The Scientific Results:
1) A high-fidelity noiseless amplifier for quantum light states
2) Adaptive detection of arbitrarily shaped ultrashort quantum light states
3) Two-color quantum memory in double-Lambda media
4) Towards higher precision and operational use of optical homodyne tomograms
5) Quantum process nonclassicality
6) Single-photon-added coherent states: Estimation of parameters and fidelity of the optical homodyne detection
7) Manipulating Frequency-Bin Entangled States in Cold Atoms
8) Generation of hybrid entanglement of light
9) Heralded noiseless amplification and attenuation of non-Gaussian states of light

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