Coherent amplification of the short optical pulse in a non-linear birefringent medium

Year: 2007

Authors: Kazantseva E.V., Maimistov A.I., Elyutin S.O., Wabnitz S.

Autors Affiliation: Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Kashirskoe sh. 31, Moscow, 115409, Russian Federation; Laboratoire de Physique, Université de Bourgogne, 9 Av. Alain Savary, 21078 Dijon, France

Abstract: The propagation of the solitary waves in the resonant birefringent amplifier with linear losses is considered. The birefringent optical linear medium contains two-level atoms with the upper state degenerated over projection of angular moment. It is assumed that population of resonance levels of atoms is inverted. The steady state pulse of polarized radiation that is vectorial generalization of the known p-pulse was analytically found. Numerical simulations demonstrate the formation dynamics solitary waves originated in birefringent amplifier.

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More Information: The authors gratefully acknowledge fruitful discussions with Dr. Askhat M. Basharov and Pr. Jean-Guy Caputo. One of the authors (E.V.K.) is grateful to the Laboratoire de Physique de l\’Universitd de Bourgogne (L.P.U.B) Unite Mixte de Recherche du CNRS 5027, Faculte des Sciences, Dijon for hospitality and support and to the Conseil Regional de Bourgogne for funding ofher postdoc fellowship. The research is supported by the RFBR grant 06-02-16406.
KeyWords: Amplification; Angular momentum; Birefringence; Computer simulation; Nonlinear optics; Solitons; Wave propagation, Birefringent amplifiers; Coherent amplification; Polarized radiation; Vectorial generalization, Ultrashort pulses
DOI: 10.1117/12.740164