CSRZ-ASK and DPSK 40 Gb/s all-Raman WDM transmission based on UltraWave™ fiber

Year: 2007

Authors: Pincemin E., Tan A., Bezard A., Tonello A., Wabnitz S., Ania-Castañón J.D., Mezentsev V.

Autors Affiliation: France Telecom. R and D, 2 Avenue Pierre Marzin, 22307 Lannion, France; Laboratoire de Physique, Université de Bourgogne, 21078 Dijon, France; Photonics Research Group, Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Abstract: We report a complete experimental and numerical analysis of 40 Gb/s WDM ULH transmission using CSRZ-DPSK and CSRZ-ASK modulation formats on UltraWave™ fiber spans. Experimental results compare well with full numerical simulations.

Conference title:

KeyWords: Computer simulation; Optical fibers; Phase shift keying, CSRZ-ASK modulation; Fiber spans, Wavelength division multiplexing
DOI: 10.1109/LEOS.2006.278997