Plasmonic nanoantenna for single-photon sources on diamond: Pursuing 100% collection efficiency

Year: 2018

Authors: Fradkin I.M., Agio M., Fedyanin D.Y.

Autors Affiliation: Laboratory of Nanooptics and Plasmonics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 9 Institutsky Lane, Dolgoprudny, 141700, Russian Federation; Laboratory of NanoOptics, University of Siegen, 3 Walter Flex Str., Siegen, D57072, Germany

Abstract: We demonstrate a nanoantenna for single-photon photon sources on diamond, which does not only enhance the quantum efficiency via the Purcell effect, but also gives the possibility to collect more than 85% of emitted photons.

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KeyWords: Efficiency; Elementary particle sources; Metamaterial antennas; Nanoantennas; Optical materials; Photons; Plasmonics, Collection efficiency; Emitted photons; Photon sources; Plasmonic nanoantenna; Purcell effect; Single photons; Single-photon source, Particle beams