Detection of Tumor Markers and Cell Metabolites in Cell Cultures, Using Nanostructured Chemoresistive Sensors

Year: 2018

Authors: Landini N., Fabbri B., Gaiardo A., Gherardi S., Guidi V., Rispoli G., Valt M., Zonta G., Malagu C.

Autors Affiliation: [Landini, N.; Fabbri, B.; Gaiardo, A.; Guidi, V.; Valt, M.; Zonta, G.; Malagu, C.] Univ Ferrara, Dept Phys & Earth Sci, Via G Saragat 1-C, I-44122 Ferrara, Italy.
[Fabbri, B.; Gaiardo, A.; Guidi, V.; Zonta, G.; Malagu, C.] CNR INO, Ist Nazl Ott, Largo Enrico Fermi 6, I-50124 Florence, Italy.
[Gaiardo, A.] Bruno Kessler Fdn, Via Sommarive 18, I-38123 Trento, Italy.
[Landini, N.; Gherardi, S.] SCENT Srl, Via Quadrifoglio 11, I-44124 Ferrara, Italy.
[Rispoli, G.] Univ Ferrara, Dept Life Sci & Biotechnol, Via Luigi Borsari 46, I-44121 Ferrara, Italy.

Abstract: Nowadays, tumor markers detection is one of the most dynamic field of research for medical technologies, as it seems a reliable source of screening technologies able to both detect neoplasms before their degeneration into malignant forms, and monitor possible relapses after the main cancer removal. On the other hand, studying neoplastic cell cultures behaviour, and their vitality in real time, places problems given to the high proliferation rate of the tumor cells. In this work, nanostructured chemoresistive sensors, sensing unit able to detect volatile chemicals in concentrations up to part per billions, have been used to detect neoplastic markers, with the idea to develop a technology able to follow in real time cell cultures and neoplasms growth, for both research and application in the medical field.
Accession Number: WOS:000452447900008

Conference title: 9th Associazione-Italiana-Sensori-e- Microsistemi (AISEM) National Conference on Sensors and Microsystems1

KeyWords: Sensors; Nanotechnology; Immortalized cells; Cells; Biomarkers