STAR – Solare Termodinamico ad Alto Rendimento

Year: 2008

Authors: D’Amato F., Pace E., Miglietta L., Vaccari F., Grazzini G.

Autors Affiliation: CNR-INOA, DIp. Astronomia Univ. Firenze, INAF, CNR-IBIMET, Dip. Energetica Univ. Firenze


More Information: The Project has a total cost of Euro 600.000. It is supported by Regione Toscana with an amount of Euro 600.000. The aim is to study a solar concentrator based on the adaptive optics developed for astronomical purposes. A small scale demonstrator device will be realized, which will be tested in a field site, chosen according to a meteorological analysis, and to the presence of close energetical plants.
KeyWords: Solar energy; Adaptive optics;