Numerical simulations on laser absorption enhancement in hybrid metallo-dielectric nanostructured targets for future nuclear astrophysics experiments

Year: 2020

Authors: Pirruccio G., Rocco D., De Angelis C., Sorbello G., Mascali D., Torrisi G., Frassetto M., Malferrari L., Odorici F., Altana C., Lanzalone G., Muoio A., Tudisco S., Benocci R., Gorini G., Palladino L.

Autors Affiliation: Univ Nacl Autonoma Mexico, Inst Fis, Apartado Postal 20-364, Mexico City 01000, DF, Mexico; Univ Brescia, Dipartimento Ingn Informaz, Via Branze 38, I-25123 Brescia, Italy; Natl Inst Opt INO, Via Branze 45, I-25123 Brescia, Italy; Univ Catania, DIEEI, Viale Andrea Doria 6, I-95125 Catania, Italy;‎ INFN, LNS, Via S Sofia 62, I-95123 Catania, Italy; INFN, Sez Bologna, Viale B Pichat,6-2, I-40127 Bologna, Italy; Univ Enna Kore, Via Olimpiadi, I-94100 Enna, Italy; Univ Milano Bicocca, Dip Sci Ambiente & Terra, Piazza Sci 1, I-20126 Milan, Italy; INFN, Sez Milano Bicocca, Piazza Sci 3, I-20126 Milan, Italy; Univ Milano Bicocca, Dip Fis, Piazza Sci 3, I-20126 Milan, Italy; Univ Aquila, Dip MESVA, Piazza S Tommasi 1, I-67010 Laquila, Italy; INFN, Grp Collegato LNGS, VG Acitelli 22, I-67100 Assergi Laquila, Italy

Abstract: The linear electromagnetic interaction between innovative hybrid metallo-dielectric nanostructured targets and laser in visible and IR range is investigated through numerical simulations. The obtained results rely on the optimization of a target based on metallic nanowires (NWs) to enhance light absorption in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The NWs are grown within the ordered nanoholes of an alumina substrate, thus, forming a plasmonic lattice with triangular symmetry. The remaining volume of the nanoholes on top of the NWs is sealed with a transparent layer of aluminum oxide that is suitable to be chemically modified for containing about 25% of deuterium atoms. The study presented here is carried out within the framework of a scientific program named PLANETA (Plasmonic Laser Absorption on Nano-Engineered Targets) aiming at investigating new laser-matter interaction schemes in the ns domain and for nuclear fusion purposes, involving especially the D-D reaction.

Journal/Review: AIP ADVANCES

Volume: 10 (4)      Pages from: 045020-1  to: 045020-6

DOI: 10.1063/5.0004123

Citations: 1
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