Mechanism of high aspect ratio high quality drilling on optical substrates by high repetition rate laser

Year: 1994

Authors: Pini R., Salimbeni R., Vannini M., Toci G.

Autors Affiliation: Istituto di Elettronica Quantistica, del CNR, Florence, Italy

Abstract: The article presents several diagnostic methods used in the monitoring of drilling mechanism. A cw and time gated spectroscopy was used to analyze the ejected plume fluorescence from quartz samples. Beam guiding action by the smooth hole walls was observed to be important for the process. A microscope coupled CCD camera was utilized to image material transparency which enabled the monitoring of drilling velocity and material ablation rate. These methods showed the possibilities to make in a reproducible and controlled way in optical materials very high quality holes.

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KeyWords: Drilling; Expansion; Fluorescence; Imaging techniques; Laser beams; Monitoring; Quality assurance; Quartz; Shock waves; Spectroscopic analysis; Substrates, Aspect ratio; High repetition rate laser, Laser applications
DOI: 10000000000