Stable soliton generation in continuously frequency-shifted erbium fiber lasers

Year: 1994

Authors: Fontana F., Franco P., Midrio M., Romagnoli M., Wabnitz S., Kodama Y.

Autors Affiliation: Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Rome, Italy

Abstract: This paper describes self-phase modulation of an intense pulse that leads to spectral broadening that in combination with the filter, may compensate for the continuous frequency shift that is induced by the acousto-optic (AO) modulator. One may expect that optical fiber solitons are spontaneously generated as a result of the balance between dispersion, nonlinearity and filtering whenever a dispersive element is included in the cavity.

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KeyWords: Acoustooptical devices; Bandpass filters; Laser pulses; Laser resonators; Light modulators; Mathematical models; Nonlinear equations; Optical correlation; Perturbation techniques; Phase modulation; Stability, Frequency shifting; Periodicity; Pulse generation; Schrodinger equation; Soliton generation; Spectral broadening; Velocity shift, Fiber lasers
DOI: 10000000000