Modeling of shock waves generated during laser drilling in transparent materials

Year: 1994

Authors: Pini Roberto, Salimbeni Renzo, Vannini Matteo, Toci G.

Autors Affiliation: Istituto di Elettronica Quantistica, del CNR, Firenze, Italy

Abstract: Temporal and spatial evolution of shock waves generated during drilling processes of optical materials by a high repetition rate copper vapor laser were investigated by means of a CW probe beam deflection technique. Experimental results of the cinematic behavior and of the air density distribution of the shock wave were compared to respect a theoretical model of shock wave expansion providing also quantitative information on the main physical functions associated to laser-induced acoustic phenomena.

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KeyWords: Acoustic wave effects; Drilling; Laser applications; Optical materials, Air density distribution; Beam deflection technique; Copper vapor laser; Laser induced acoustic phenomena; Optical material drilling; Wave generation, Shock waves
DOI: 10000000000