Intraocular measurements of pressure transients induced by excimer laser ablation of the cornea

Year: 1997

Authors: Siano S., Pini R., Gobbi P.G., Salimbeni R., Vannini M., Carones F., Trabucchi G., Brancato R.

Autors Affiliation: Quantum Electronic Institute, National Research Council, Florence, 1-50127, Italy; Laser Medicine Research, Scientific Institute H. S. Raffaele, Milan, 1-20132, Italy; Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Scientific Institute H. S. Raffaele, University of Milan, Milan, 1-20132, Italy; IEQ-CNR, Via Panciatichi 56/30, I-50127 Firenze, Italy

Abstract: Background and Objective: The evolution of pressure waves induced by argon-fluoride laser ablation of the cornea in the typical operative conditions of clinical laser keratectomy has been studied experimentally and analyzed.Materials and Methods: Freshly enucleated porcine eyes were irradiated at a laser fluence of 180 mJ/cm2 with various spot diameters in the range 1-6.5 mm. Pressure transients were detected by a fast rise time needle hydrophone inserted into the eyeball from the posterior pole and moved along the eye optical axis toward the cornea. Results: Pressure peaks as high as 90 bar and of 50 ns pulse duration (FWHM) were measured in the anterior chamber. Observation of the pulse shape evolution during propagation put in evidence the onset of a marked rarefaction phase following the compressional spike, with intense negative peaks (up to -40 bar) located at increasing distances from the corneal surface for increasing spot diameters. Conclusions: This behavior was explained by means of simplified models describing pressure pulse generation and diffraction effects occurring during its propagation. Implications to clinical procedures, as possible damages due to tissue stretching and cavitation formation, are also discussed.


Volume: 20 (4)      Pages from: 416  to: 425

KeyWords: acoustics; animal experiment; anterior eye chamber; argon laser; article; cornea disease; excimer laser; eye surgery; keratectomy; laser surgery; nonhuman; pressure measurement; priority journal; swine, Animals; Argon; Biophysics; Cornea; Fluorides; Intraocular Pressure; Light Coagulation; Models, Theoretical; Swine

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