Efficient coupling of a graded index glass guide to a polymer guide by means of a tapered transition

Year: 1995

Authors: Grando D., Palchetti L., Sottini S., Giorgetti E.

Autors Affiliation: Politecnico di Bari, Bari, Italy

Abstract: A new four layer tapered coupler (FLTC) has been studied and tested, able to transfer light efficiently from a monomode fiber to a polymer film guide by means of an auxiliary graded index glass waveguide. A simple theory has been developed to calculate the maximum efficiency of these structures. Experiments have been performed at ? =1.321 µm on several FLTC samples, containing K+ – Na+ ion-exchanged glass waveguides and spin coated poly-3BCMU films. Insertion losses in the range 3-6.5 dB have been measured, depending on the taper configuration. The agreement between theoretical and experimental data is good, provided that a suitable ripple of the taper profile is assumed.

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KeyWords: Calculations; Gradient index optics; Light transmission; Optical design; Optical fiber coupling; Optical fibers; Optical films; Optical glass; Optical materials; Optical waveguides; Organic polymers; Refractive index, Four layer tapered coupler; Glass graded index waveguide; Nonlinear conjugated polymers; Polymer film, Waveguide couplers
DOI: 10000000000