Wavelength shifting of optical pulses in a polydiacetylene waveguide

Year: 1998

Authors: Banfi G.P., Fortusini D., Grando D., Palchetti L., Sottini S.

Autors Affiliation: Dipartimento di Elettronica, Pavia, Italy

Abstract: Wavelength shifting in a polydiacetylene-poly(3-BCMU)-planar waveguide was observed. The effect, of relevance in the manipulation of optical signals, was obtained through nearly-degenerate frequency mixing (NDFM). Starting from a pulse s at frequency ?-s$/, the generation of the frequency-shifted pulse f at ?-f$/ and the simultaneous amplification of s occurred at the expenses of the pump p according to the relation ?-p$/ + ?-p$/ = ?-s$/ + ?-f$/. The ratio of the energy pulse f at the output to s at the input was defined as the conversion efficiency ?.

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KeyWords: Amplification; Fabrication; Laser beams; Laser pulses; Lenses; Light propagation; Monochromators; Neodymium lasers; Optical frequency conversion; Optical parametric oscillators; Optical pumping; Photodiodes, Conversion efficiency; Nearly degenerate frequency mixing; Optical pulses; Polydiacetylene waveguide; Wavelength shifting, Optical waveguides
DOI: 10.1109/CLEOE.1998.719228