Author: Lucchesini Alessandro Category: Papers Journals 

1) Diode laser overtone spectroscopy of methyl iodide at 850 nm
By: Lucchesini A., Year: 2023 (Cit.: 0 DOI: 10.3390/spectroscj1010003)

2) Resolution limitation in EBL optical grating fabrication on InGaAsP/InP substrate
By: Gentili M., Gella L., Lucchesini A., Meneghini G.(*), Scopa L. Year: 1990 (Cit.: 0)

3) Micron and submicron electron beam lithography by the monoresist technique.
By: Gentili M., Petrocco G., Lucchesini A., Chiesa W.(1), Ronzoni F.(1), D’Amico A.(2) Year: 1987 (Cit.: 0)