Author: De Angelis Costantino Category: Conference proceedings 

1) Sensing through the optical radiation pattern in dielectric metastructures
By: Rocco D., Tognazzi A., Carletti L., Baratto C., De Angelis C. Year: 2019 (Cit.: 0)

2) Enhancing nonlinear processes from dielectric nanoantennas: role of the substrate
By: Rocco D., De Angelis C., de Ceglia D., Carletti L., Vincenti MA. Year: 2019 (Cit.: 0)

3) Vertical emission of second and third harmonic light from GaAs nanowires below the band edge
By: Scalora M., Trull J., Cojocaru C., Vincenti MA., Carletti L., de Ceglia D., De Angelis C. Year: 2019 (Cit.: 0)

4) Giant Nonlinear Response of Subwavelength Dielectric Resonators Enhanced by Bound States in the Continuum

By: Koshelev KL., Carletti L., De Angelis C., Kivshar YS. Year: 2018 (Cit.: 0)