Second-harmonic generation imaging of the cornea

The experiment is aimed at developing an advanced non-linear laser scanning microscopy platform to be used for imaging the anterior segment of the eye. In particular, in this experiment second-harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy will be implemented with both forward and backward detection as well as with a polarization scanning excitation scheme. The main goal is to take advantage of the strong SHG signal emitted by collagen to characterize its organization in both healthy and diseased samples of cornea and to verify the feasibility of a SHG ophthalmoscope. The experiment is inserted in the activities of a research project aimed at advancing in the field of ophthalmic diagnostic imaging by developing new cutting edge techniques, their applications to specific diseases, and finally their perspective of integration in a single platform, thus reducing the equipment and costs in the ophthalmology clinic.

Personale INO dipendente:
D’Uva Massimo, Cicchi Riccardo,

Personale associato:
Quercioli Franco, Pavone Francesco Saverio,