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Since 1997 the activities of study and experimentation of the group are included in the renewable energy research, and in particular in the sector of the exploitation of solar energy. This sector, which is an essential element in the national energy balance, is enhancing its presence in the production and industrial research, as it was highlighted by the growing importance of developing technologies for the exploitation of alternative energy sources, such as solar energy.
The research line developed by the personnel of the Solar Collectors Laboratory is aimed at the study of optical systems suitable for the concentration of sunlight. This research has led to address various issues from concentration on small surfaces, such as optical fibers or small cells, to more wide systems, such as collectors for the production of thermal energy up to plants with large mirrors. The activities therefore cover various aspects, always in the optical field, from the design of single elements or entire optical systems, to the implementation of tests on the optics realised in order to verify their correct functioning.
The Laboratory has several competencies in developing optical tests for the control of the characteristics of concentration systems, developing systems for solar tracking with variable resolution and angle of view and design of optical components and optical systems for solar concentration.
The Laboratory participates in European projects, National and Regional projects in collaboration with other research institutions and companies, offers consultancy for private companies for the design of custom systems and for studies of issues related to solar concentration, the study of collectors for heliostats, solar thermal and concentrated photovoltaic systems. It tests solar collectors in the laboratory and outdoor and performs profilometric controls of heliostats, parabolic troughs or other collectors.

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