Lab. for Optical Wireless Communications (OWC) and Visible Light Communications (VLC)


VLC/OWC lab carries on research on light-based optical wireless communications innovative technologies. In VLC/OWC digital information is encoded in an optical carrier, rather than in RF-microvaves, through standard visible LED sources (in case of VLC), or LED/laser sources (OWC). Such platforms can support or replace the standard wireless communication technologies in wealth of application scenarios, like, e.g, in protected or harsh environments (e.g. planes, hospitals, high-EM-noise industrial plants or underwater communications), or towards the realization of smart indoor and/or outdoor communication systems, for example in intelligent transportation systems (ITS), indoor localization and real-time augmented reality dedicated services (e.g. museums, commercial areas, public services).

INO Staff

Catani Jacopo
Mucchi Lorenzo
Seminara Marco

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