Cristoforetti Gabriele

Professional Profile: Senior Researcher (Employee)
Activity field:
Main office/laboratory: Sezione di Pisa
Office phone number: 0503153600
ResearcherID: C-9815-2015OrcidID: 0000-0001-9420-9080ScopusID: 8891910400
Primary activity: Investigation of the mechanisms occurring during laser-plasma interaction and diagnostics of plasma obtained at laser intensities going from the ablation threshold up to ultrarelativistic regime.
In the laser relativistic regime (> 10^18 W/cm^2), my research is focused to the generation of sources of energetic particles (electrons, ions), ed in particular to proton acceleration via Target Normal Sheath Acceleration (TNSA). Morevoer, I am interested in the interaction of ultraintense lasers with nanostructured targets, and in plasmonic processes generated in the high field regime.
I also study the laser plasma interaction at intensities 10^15 – 10^16 W/cm^2 in conditions typical of Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) and Shock Ignition scheme. In particular, I am interested in the growth of parametric instabilities (SBS, SRS, TPD) and in the generation of ‘hot’ electrons. In this field, collaborations are carried out in the framework of international projects funded by the Eurofusion consortium, and I particiapate and lead experiments in medium/large scale laser facilities (CLF, PALS, Gekko XII, Shenguang II, LMJ).
I have also a consolidated experience in laser plasmas induced at low intensities, focussed to the study of the mechanisms of nanoparticle formation via Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquid environment, laser ablation, plasma spectroscopy for the elementary analysis of materials (LIBS) and microdrilling.

Main experiences acquired: Plasma spectroscopy, Local Thermal Equilibrium (LTE) in plasmas, parametric instabilities, elementary chemical composition of laser plasmas, mechanisms of pulsed laser ablation (PLA), formation and expansion in vacuum, gas and liquid of laser plasmas, formation of nanoparticles via PLA in liquid environment.

Scientific manager for INO of Funded Projects:
Preparation and Realization of European Shock Ignition Experiments
Study of Direct Drive and Shock Ignition for IFE: theory, simulations, experiments, diagnostics development
Advancing shock ignition for direct-drive inertial fusion

Research Groups:
Intense Laser Irradiation Laboratory

Others Funded Projects in which he/she participates:
Extreme Light Infrastructure

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