Borri Simone

Professional Profile: Senior Researcher (Employee)
Activity field:
Main office/laboratory: Sezione Sesto Fiorentino – LENS
Office phone number: 055 457-2227
Laboratory phone number: 055 457-2461/2006
OrcidID: 0000-0001-8471-2803ScopusID: 7801624490
Primary activity: My main research activity at INO and LENS, in Firenze, has focused on the development of mid-infrared coherent radiation and their implementation in high-sensitivity and high-precision molecular spectroscopy apparatuses. Both well-assessed and novel techniques have been implemented in the molecular fingerprint region, ranging from cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy, sub-Doppler spectroscopy, polarization spectroscopy, frequency-modulation (single and two tones) spectroscopy, cavity ring-down spectroscopy, optical frequency-comb assisted metrology. In addition, I have implemented laser frequency stabilizations to stable references (optical cavities or narrow molecular features). About the sources, I developed and used nonlinear setups (sum or difference frequency generation setups) and quantum cascade lasers (QCLs). Recently, a deep analysis of QCLs frequency noise spectral density allowed the first direct measurement of their intrinsic linewidth and a deeper insight into their inner physics.

Main experiences acquired: – High-sensitivity and high-precision molecular-spectroscopy techniques in the near and mid infrared spectral range: cavity ring-down spectroscopy, polarization and saturation sub-Doppler spectroscopy, frequency-modulation spectroscopy.
– Analysis of the spectral purity of mid-infrared quantum-cascade lasers and study of the fundamental mechanisms responsible of the broadening of their emission.
– Application of quantum-cascade lasers to mid-infrared molecular spectroscopy.
– Frequency stabilization of laser sources by means of frequency locking to molecular transitions and to resonant cavities.
– Non-linear mixing techniques of visible/near infrared light (difference and sum frequency generation in non-linear crystals).
– Generation of far-infrared (THz) radiation by mixing mid-infrared radiation into point-contact metal-insulator-metal (MIM) diodes.
– Doppler-limited and Doppler-free spectroscopy on molecular rotational transitions by means of far-infrared radiation.
– Frequency metrology with Optical Frequency Comb Synthesyzers.
– Noise analysis on laser sources and on electronic instrumentation.
– Design of vacuum and cryogenic housings for laser chips.

Scientific manager for INO of Funded Projects:
Molecole controllate per misure di precisione e sensing

Research Groups:
Quantum Communications
Mid ir and thz spectroscopy and applications

Others Funded Projects in which he/she participates:
Aerotrazione con BioCarburanti
EMpowerment del PAzienTe In cAsa
Safe Access in Protected environments via Optical Remote Inspection
Advanced, Disruptive and Emerging QUAntum technologies for DEfence
Quantum Laser-based Multi-parametric Portable Sensors

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