Research Focus

Gennaio 6, 2019

Witnessing ultracold fermions correlate in real time

Strong interactions among fermionic particles in condensed matter are known to foster rich phase diagrams, where distinct microscopic mechanisms compete with one another. In this work, […]
Dicembre 18, 2018

“La Meccanica Quantistica”, oggi con il Corriere Della Sera.

Un breve riflessione per non addetti ai lavori su entanglement, non-località, teleportation e, ovviamente, su gatti. Una rivoluzione ancora troppo poco conosciuta, troppo spesso travisata e, […]
Ottobre 2, 2018

Laser estremi e plasmi: un futuro brillante

Il Prof. Gérard Mourou, Nobel per la Fisica 2018 insieme a Donna Strickland e a Arthur Ashkin, qui ripreso durante l’inaugurazione ufficiale del Laser di alta […]
Settembre 3, 2018

Frequency comb generation in an optical parametric oscillator

Optical frequency combs, with their multitude of perfectly equidistant laser lines, have revolutionized the fields of metrology and high-resolution spectroscopy, and have proven to be enabling […]
Luglio 9, 2018

Combinatorial treatment consisting of 3D printed multichannel biodegradable scaffolds and collagene loaded with Nerve Growth Factor facilitates axonal and neuronal regeneration

mm-sized multi-channel biodegradable scaffolds were produced in Italy with micrometer resolution using the innovative 3D printing technique called Mask Projection Excimer laser StereoLithography (MPExSL). In China […]
Giugno 29, 2018
High harmonic spectra

Surface plasmons yield better XUV pulses

A way to produce spatially separated attosecond pulses of coherent extreme ultraviolet (XUV) radiation is to irradiate a solid grating by a superintense, femtosecond laser pulse. […]