Optical waveguides in LiF by ion-beam irradiation: Fabrication and characterisation

Anno: 2003

Autori: Pelli S., Righini G.C., Quercioli F., Tiribilli B., Vassalli M., Cremona M., Pereira J.A.M.

Affiliazione autori: Nello Carrara Institute of Applied Physics, CNR, Department of Optoelectron. and Photonics, via Panciatichi 64, I-50127 Firenze, Italy; Lab. di Biofotonica, Istituto Nazionale di Uttica Applicata, Largo E. Feimi, I-50100 Firenze, Italy; PUC-Rio, Applied Physics Group, Physics Department, 22452-970 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil; UFRJ, Institute of Physics, 21945-970 Rio de Janeiro, RI, Brazil

Abstract: In our experiments, we have successfully managed to produce optical waveguides in polished LiF crystals by using He/sup +/ ion beam irradiation. The beam was masked by a metal window, producing large irradiated stripes about 1 mm wide. Irradiation energy was chosen to be 1.1 MeV, since it allowed to produce 3 µm thick waveguides with a parabolic colour centre creation and thus refractive index profile, which was very suitable for characterisation purposes.

Titolo Convegno:

Parole chiavi: Ion beam irradiation; Irradiated stripes; Irradiation energy; LiF crystal; Refractive index profiles; Thick waveguides, Color centers; Ion beams; Optical waveguides, Irradiation