Intrinsic limits of reflectance spectroscopy in identifying pigments in paint layers

Anno: 2018

Autori: Pronti L., Pelagotti A., Uccheddu F., Rosati LM., Felici AC.

Affiliazione autori: [Pronti, L.; Rosati, L. Massini; Felici, A. C.] Univ Rome Sapienza, Dept Basic & Appl Sci Engn, LANDA Lab Non Destruct Anal & Archaeometry, Via A Scarpa 16, I-00161 Rome, Italy.
[Pelagotti, A.] CNR, INO, Natl Inst Opt, Lgo E Fermi 6, I-50125 Florence, Italy.
[Uccheddu, F.] Univ Florence, Dept Ind Engn, Via Santa Marta 3, I-50123 Florence, Italy.

Abstract: The study of pigments is of fundamental importance for authentication and restoration purposes of painted artworks. To this aim reflectance spectroscopy has been widely studied on samples and in a number of real cases. A number of valuable efforts have been dedicated to this quest; however, the identification of a pigment on a painting surface by means of reflectance spectroscopy appears to be possible only in very few cases also due to the fact that artist materials are often mixed. In this paper we review a number of relevant works and present results on a new set of test samples especially produced for exploring the possibilities of reflectance spectroscopy on pigment mixtures. We also include a case study of a real painting.
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Titolo Convegno: Conference on Florence Heri-Tech – The Future of Heritage Science and Technologies

Parole chiavi: pigments; spectroscopy;