Stark and frequency measurements in the FIR spectrum of H2O2

Anno: 1996

Autori: Bellini M., Catacchini E., De Natale P., Di Lonardo G., Fusina L., Inguscio M., Venuti E.

Affiliazione autori: European Laboratory for Nonlinear Spectroscopy (LENS), Largo E. Fermi 2, I-50125 Florence, Italy and Dipartimento di Chimica Fisica e Inorganica, Universita` di Bologna, Viale Risorgimento 4, I-40136, Bologna, Italy

Abstract: The submillimeter-wave spectrum of H2O2 has been recorded by means of a tunable FIR spectrometer. Stark measurements have been performed on three selected transitions in the n = 0 state, namely, the 2(20)-1(10) (tau = 4 <-- 2) at 1 272 297 MHz, the 8(26)-7(16) (tau = 1 <-- 3) at 882 451 MHz, and the 9(28)-8(18) (tau = 1 <-- 3) at 962 933 MHz. Accurate values of the transition dipole moments of the molecule have been derived by considering the interaction between the levels involved in the transition and the close near-resonant levels. About 40 new lines, belonging to the (r)Q(4) and (r)Q(5) subbranches of the rotational transitions between the lowest torsional states (tau = 1, 2, 3, 4 n = 0), have been measured in the 2.8 and 3.4 THz spectral regions and analyzed together with the previously measured millimeter- and submillimeter-wave, as well as IR, transitions. (C) 1996 Academic Press, Inc. Giornale/Rivista: JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY

Volume: 177 (1)      Da Pagina: 115  A: 123

Maggiori informazioni: European Commission, EC, EV5V-CT92-0076. European Commission, EC, GE1*CT92-0046. – This work was carried out in the framework of ISORAC2 collaboration, supported by the European Commission, Contract EV5V-CT92-0076, which is gratefully acknowledged. The project was also partially supported by the EC through Contract GE1*CT92-0046. The authors thank Professor De Lucia for making available the data set used in his analyses.
Parole chiavi: far infrared spectrum; hydeogen-peroxide; methyl-fluoride; dipole-moment; spectroscopy
DOI: 10.1006/jmsp.1996.0123

Citazioni: 10
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