Reconstruction of laser-induced plasma spectral emissivity in non-axisymmetric conditions

Anno: 2005

Autori: Cristoforetti G., Legnaioli S., Palleschi V., Salvetti A., Tognoni E., Tomassini P.

Affiliazione autori: IPCF-CNR, Area Ric Pisa, I-56124 Pisa, Italy

Abstract: The problem of determining the spectral emissivity in each spatial position of a laser induced plasma is extremely important in order to calculate the spatial distributions of physical and thermodynamical parameters characterizing the plume. Supposing that the plume is optically thin and axisymmetric, the problem is theoretically solved by the Abel inversion of the integral spectral emission. The work presented here is a generalization of the Aguilera et al. method of solving the Abel inversion, based on the modelization of the plume by discrete shells of constant emissivity, in the case of slightly non-axisymmetric plasmas. Some tests and examples of the application of the new algorithm are given. (c) 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


Volume: 60 (7-8)      Da Pagina: 888  A: 896

Parole chiavi: Abel inversion; LIBS; plasma modelling; plasma inhomogeneity;
DOI: 10.1016/j.sab.2005.05.003

Citazioni: 18
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