Experimental investigation of fast electron transport through Kalpha imaging and spectroscopy in relativistic laser-solid interactions

Anno: 2008

Autori: P. Köster, K. Akli, A. Antonicci, D. Batani, S. Baton, R.G. Evans, E. Förster, A. Giulietti, D. Giulietti, L.A. Gizzi, J.S. Green, T. Kämpfer, M. Koenig, L. Labate, K.L. Lancaster, T. Levato, A. Lübcke, A. Morace, P. Norreys, F. Perez, I. Uschmann, J. Wau

Affiliazione autori: ILIL at IPCF/CNR, Pisa, Italy and INFN, Pisa section, Italy;
Ohio State University, Columbus, USA;
University of Milan – Bicocca, Italy;
LULI, Ecole Polytechnique, France;
Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, London, UK;
Central Laser Facility, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK;
IOQ, University of Jena, Germany;
Department of Physics, University of Pisa, Italy;
Department of Physics, University of York, UK