Diode laser overtone spectroscopy of methyl iodide at 850 nm

Anno: 2023

Autori: Lucchesini A.,

Affiliazione autori: INO – CNR – S.S. Pisa

Abstract: Using Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), 82 CH3I overtone absorption lines were detected for the first time in the range between 11,660 and 11,840 cm-1 (844–857 nm),with strengths estimated around 10-27–10-26 cm/molecule. The lines were measured utilizing commercial heterostructure F–P type diode lasers, multipass cells, and wavelength modulation spectroscopy with the second harmonic detection technique. A high modulation amplitude approach was adopted for the analysis of the line shapes. Self-broadening coefficients were obtained for two lines.


Volume: 1      Da Pagina: 28  A: 36

Maggiori informazioni: OPEN ACCESS
ISSN = 2816-446X
Parole chiavi: Methyl iodide; Overtone band; High-resolution spectroscopy; Tunable diode laser; Line shape and width
DOI: 10.3390/spectroscj1010003