Ultra-narrow lasing modes from random amplifying media

Anno: 2003

Autori: Mujumdar S., Ricci M., Torre R., Wiersma D.S.

Affiliazione autori: European Lab. Nonlinear Spectrosc., National Institute Phys. of Matter, Sesto-Fiorentino (Florence), Italy

Abstract: We report experimental observations of ultra-narrow bandwidth (<0.25 nm) random lasing modes in the emission from a suspension of zinc oxide powder in Rhodamine 6G. We present, and verify through Monte Carlo simulations, a model that explains the phenomenon. ©2002 Optical Society of America. Titolo Convegno:

Parole chiavi: Amplification; Bandwidth; Computer simulation; Gain measurement; Laser modes; Light emission; Light scattering; Monte Carlo methods; Photons; Solid state lasers; Intelligent systems; Quantum electronics, Amplified photon noise; Bandwidth narrowing; Random amplifying media; Ultra-narrow lasing modes, Ultrashort pulses; Monte Carlo methods, Random lasing; Ultra-narrow bandwidth; Ultra-narrow lasing modes; Zinc oxide powder
DOI: 10000000000