Research Focus

Gennaio 7, 2022

Penrose superradiance observed in photon superfluids – Editors’ Suggestion in PRL

The superradiant amplification in the scattering from a rotating medium was first elucidated by Sir Roger Penrose over 50 years ago as a means by which […]
Novembre 18, 2021

Adding a single photon to multiple light pulses

If a single photon is added and coherently shared among distinct light pulses, a variety of interesting entangled states are produced, whose properties may find applications […]
Novembre 9, 2021

On Nature Physics: Breaking the interface

The Quantum Gases Group in Trento observed for the first time the breaking of a magnetic interface in a mixture of sodium atoms and the emergence […]
Novembre 9, 2021

Simulating the quantum world of lasers with ultra cold atoms

Quantum simulation allows to face complex problems inaccessible to numerical computation. An example is shown by a work carried out by the National Optical Institute of […]
Novembre 2, 2021

Focus in Physics magazine: A New Trick to Make Short-Pulse Ion Beams

Physics magazine covers with a focus story the paper published in Physical Review Letters “Selective Ion Acceleration by Intense Radiation Pressure“. A new experimental set-up favoring […]
Ottobre 12, 2021

A reflectance photoacoustic imaging applied for the first time to the Heritage Science field as a cover story of the Journal of Imaging

The research reporting on the prototype for the reflectance photoacoustic imaging applied for the first time in the Heritage Science field appears as the cover story […]
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