This page gives access to the dataset of the acquisition campaign of soccer data during the F.I.G.C.- C.N.R. project.

Terms of use
This dataset is available for non-commercial research in video signal processing only. We kindly ask you to cite: 

“T. D’Orazio, M.Leo, N. Mosca, P.Spagnolo, P.L.Mazzeo
A Semi-Automatic System for Ground Truth Generation of Soccer Video Sequences
6th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Surveillance, Genoa, Italy September 2-4 2009” 

when using this dataset (in publications, video demonstrations… )

Manually annotated objects position of two minutes of the game.
These metadata provide the positions of the players,  referees, and ball in each frame of each camera (6 XML files). 
The players have the same labels while they move in the six views that correspond to the numbers on their uniforms. The player labels of the first team start from 1 while the player labels of the second teams start from 201.
The first 300 frames of each sequence have not been labelled in order to provide an initial phase to initialize the background subtraction algorithms.


- Sequences
Six synchronized views acquired by six Full-HD cameras, three for each major side of the playing-field, at 25 fps (6 AVI Files, about 300MB)
- Calibration Data
These are the pictures containing some reference point in to the playing-field and the relative measures for calibrating each camera into a common world coordinate system (a zip file containing 6 pdf files, and 6 .bmp images)