European Funding
This section lists the projects with European funding in the last 10 years.
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Projects with European funding active in 2018 are 19
with a total funding for INO of 6,883,161.50 €

1) Scientific and Technological Alliance for Guaranteeing the European Excellence in Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy (STAGE-STE) funded for an amount of 74,409.30 €; End date 01/31/2018

2) Rydberg Quantum Simulators (RYSQ) funded for an amount of 100,000.00 €; End date 02/28/2018

3) Human Brain Project (HBP) funded for an amount of 252,000.00 €; End date 03/31/2018

4) Getting Ready for EST (GREST) funded for an amount of 20,000.00 €; End date 05/31/2018

5) Ultrashort Pulse Generation from Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers (ULTRAQCL) funded for an amount of 133,125.00 €; End date 09/30/2018

6) Stratospheric and upper tropospheric processes for better climate predictions (STRATOCLIM) funded for an amount of 569,000.00 €; End date 11/30/2018

7) Preparation and Realization of European Shock Ignition Experiments (EUROFUSION) funded for an amount of 69,600.00 €; End date 12/31/2018

8) NANEOS: Multi-Sensor System for Rapid Detection of Hazardous Agents (NANEOS) funded for an amount of 88,000.00 €; End date 02/17/2019

9) Integrated Project for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage (IPERION CH) funded for an amount of 660,500.00 €; End date 04/30/2019

10) Pooling Activities, Resources and Tools for Heritage E-research Networking, Optimization and Synergies (PARTHENOS) funded for an amount of 317,000.00 €; End date 04/30/2019

11) Strongly correlated ultracold fermions in two-dimensional tailored optical potentials: pairing, superfluidity and disorder (ScoutFermi2D) funded for an amount of 168,277.20 €; End date 08/21/2019

12) European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science Preparatory Phase (E-RIHS PP) funded for an amount of 950,500.00 €; End date 12/31/2019

13) European Plasma Research Accelerator with eXcellence In Applications (EuPRAXIA) funded for an amount of 197,000.00 €; End date 12/31/2019

14) Overcoming barriers to nanofluid market uptake. COST Action CA15119 (NANOUPTAKE) Ends on 04/18/2020

15) An ultracold gas plus one ion: advancing Quantum Simulations of in- and out-of-equilibrium many-body physics (PlusOne) funded for an amount of 1,496,250.00 €; End date 04/30/2020

16) Metrology for air pollutant emissions (IMPRESS 2) (IMPRESS) funded for an amount of 90,000.00 €; End date 05/31/2020

17) Superfluid and normal phases of unequal mass fermions with two- and three-body resonant interactions (POLICHROM) funded for an amount of 1,495,000.00 €; End date 12/31/2020

18) Mid- and far-IR optoelectronic devices based on Bose-Einstein condensation (MIR-BOSE) funded for an amount of 192,500.00 €; End date 12/31/2020

19) Integrating National Research Agendas on Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (INSHIP) funded for an amount of 10,000.00 €; End date 12/31/2020

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