ACVR 2014 Program 

8:00Opening Remarks
 8:15 Talk by prof. Roberto Manduchi (Univ. of California)
9:00 Oral Session I 
9:45 Spotlights for Poster Session I 
10:00 Start of poster Session I
10:30 Coffee Break
11:45Oral Session II 
12:30 Lunch  break
14:00Talk By dr. Yonatan Wexler (Senior VP R&D OrCam)
14:45Oral Session III
15:30Spotlights for Poster Session II 
15:45 Coffee break
16:15Start of poster Session II
17:30Oral Session IV
18:15Closing Remarks 

Oral Session I               Applications of Assistive Computer Vision

9:00 "Way to Go!" Detecting Open Areas Ahead of a Walking Person
Boris Schauerte, KIT; Daniel Koester, KIT; Rainer Stiefelhagen, KIT
9:15Road-Crossing Assistance by Traffic Flow Analysis
Adi Perry, Tel Aviv University; Nahum Kiryati, Tel Aviv University
9:30Personal shopping assistance and navigator system for visually impaired people
Paul Chippendale, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy; Valeria Tomaselli, STMicroelectronics; Viviana D'Alto, STMicroelectronics; Giulio Urlini, STMicroelectronics; Carla Maria Modena, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy; Stefano Messelodi, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy; Mauro Strano, STMicroelectronics; Klas Hermodsson, Sony MobileCommunications, Lund, Sweden; Günter Alce, Sony Mobile Communications, Lund, Sweden; Mathieu Razafimahazo, INRIA, Grenoble, France; Thibaud Michel,INRIA, Grenoble, France; Giovanni Farinella, University of Catania

Oral Session II                  Applications of Assistive Robotics

11:45Visual interaction including biometrics information for a socially assistive robotics platform
Marco Del Coco, CNR INO; Dario Cazzato, Institute of Optics; Pierluigi Carcagně, CNR INO; Marco Leo, National Research Council of Italy; Cosimo Distante, CNR INO
12:00Vision-based SLAM and moving objects tracking for the perceptual support of a smart walker platform
Paschalis Panteleris, FORTH; Antonis Argyros, FORTH
12:00Real-time Emotion Recognition from Natural Bodily Expressions in Child-robot Interaction
Weiyi Wang, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Georgios Athanasopoulos, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Georgios Patsis, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Valentin Enescu, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Hichem Sahli, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Oral Session III                 Algorithms, Systems and Sensors

14:45Robust Eye Blink Detection using Statistical Variance of Local Moves within the Eye Region
Tomas Drutarovsky, Slovak University of Technology; Andrej Fogelton, Slovak University ofTechnology
15:00Detection and Modelling of Staircases Using a Wearable Depth Sensor
Alejandro Pérez Yus, Universidad de Zargoza; Gonzalo López Nicolás, ; Jose Jesús Guerrero Campo,
15:15A new application of smart walker for quantitative analysis of human walking
Ting Wang, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France; Claire Dune, Université de Toulon  ; Jean-Pierre Merlet, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France; Philippe Gorce, University of Toulon; Guillaume Sacco, ; Philippe Robert, ; Jean-Michel  Turpin, ; Bernard Teboul, ; Audrey Marteu, ; Olivier  Guerin,

Oral Session IV                Wereable Devices and Egocentric Vision
17:30Multi-User Ego-centric Online System for Unsupervised Assistance on Object Usage
Dima Damen, University of Bristol; Osian Haines, University of Bristol; Teesid Leelasawassuk, University of Bristol; Andrew Calway, University of Bristol; Walterio Mayol-Cuevas, University of Bristol
17:45Wearable RGBD indoor navigation system for the blind
Young Hoon Lee, University of Southern Califor; Gerard Medioni, Univ. of Southern California
18:00Telepresence from a Guide's Shoulder
Don Kimber, FXPAL; Patrick Proppe, FXPAL; Sven Kratz, FXPAL; Jim Vaughan, FXPAL; Bee Liew, FXPAL; Don Severns,


Poster Session I : Systems and Devices

Vision Correcting Displays Based on Inverse Blurring and Aberration Compensation
Brian Barsky, Univ. of California, Berkeley; Fu-Chung Huang, University of California, Berkeley; Douglas Lanman, MIT; Gordon Wetzstein, MIT;  Ramesh Raskar, MIT
3D glasses to improve autonomous mobility of people visually impaired
Stefano Mattoccia, Department of Computer Science; Paolo Macrě, University of Bologna
A Robust Vision-Based Framework for Screen Readers
Michael Cormier, University of Waterloo; Robin Cohen, University of Waterloo; Richard Mann, University of Waterloo; Kamal Rahim, University of Waterloo; Donglin Wang, University of Waterloo
Calculating Reachable Workspace Volume for use in Quantitative Medicine
Robert Matthew, UC Berkeley; Gregorij Kurillo, UC Berkeley; Jay Han, UC Davis; Ruzena Bajcsy, UC Berkeley
A Benchmark Dataset to Study the Representation of Food Images
Giovanni Farinella, University of Catania; Dario Allegra, University of Catania; Filippo Stanco, University of Catania
Mobile Panoramic Vision for Blind Navigation via Indexing and Localization
Feng Hu, CUNY Graduate Center; Jianting Zhang, ; Zhigang  Zhu, City College of New York
The Design and Preliminary Evaluation of a Finger-Mounted Camera and Feedback System to Enable Reading of Printed Text for the Blind
Lee Stearns, University of MD, College Park; Ruofei Du, University of Maryland; Uran Oh, University of Maryland, Department of Computer Science; Yumeng Wang, University of Maryland, Department of Architecture; Rama Chellappa, University of Maryland, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Leah Findlater, University of Maryland, Department of Information Studies; Jon Froehlich, University of Maryland, Department of Computer Science
High Dynamic Range Imaging System for the Visually Impaired
AHMED MAALEJ, Ecole des Mines Ales; Guillaume Tatur, CHU Nimes;  Marie-Celine Lorenzini, CHU Nimes; Gerard Dupeyron, CHU Nimes + ARAMAV; Michel Dumas, ARAMAV; Isabelle Marc, Ecole des mines d’Alčs
A System for Assisting the the Visually Impaired in Localization and Grasp of Desired Objects
Kaveri Thakoor, Univ. of Southern California; Nii Mante, University of Southern California; Christian Siagian, ; James Weiland, ; Laurent Itti, University of Southern California; Gerard Medioni, Univ. of Southern California
Descending stair detection with low-power sensors
Severine Cloix, Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique SA, Switzerland; Guido Bologna, Computer Science Department, University of Geneva Switzerland; Viviana Weiss, Computer Science Department, University of Geneva Switzerland; Thierry Pun, Computer Science Department, University of Geneva Switzerland; David Hasler, Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique SA, Switzerland
Model-Based Motion Tracking of Infants
Mikkel Olsen, Technical University of DK; Anna Herskind, ; Jens Nielsen, ; Rasmus Paulsen,
A Fast and Flexible Computer Vision System for Implanted Visual Prostheses
Wai Ho Li, Monash Vision Group
An Intelligent Wheelchair to Enable Safe Mobility of the Disabled People with Motor and Cognitive Impairments
Myeongjin Lee, Konkuk University; Yeounggwang Ji, Konkuk University; Eun Yi Kim, Konkuk University

Poster Session II: Algorithms and Techniques
A Visual SLAM system with mobile robot supporting Localization services to visually impaired people
Quoc-Hung Nguyen,  MICA - Hanoi University of Science and Technology; Hai Vu ,MICA - Hanoi University of Science and Technology; Thanh-Hai Tran MICA - Hanoi University of Science and Technology; David Van Hamme, Ghent University; Peter Veelaert, Ghent University; Wilfried Philips, Ghent University;  Quang-Hoan Nguyen, Hung Yen University of Technology and Education.
Scene-Dependent Intention Recognition for Task Communication with Reduced Human-Robot Interaction
Kester Duncan, University of South Florida; Sudeep Sarkar, ; Redwan Alqasemi, ; Rajiv Dubey
Egocentric Object Recognition leveraging the 3D Shape of the Grasping Hand
Yizhou  Lin, Stevens Institute of Technology; Gang Hua, Stevens Institute of Technology; Philippos Mordohai, Stevens Institute of Technolog
Face Recognition for the Visually Impaired Based on 3D Registration Using a RGB-D Sensor
Wei Li, City College of New York; Xudong Li, Beihang University; Martin Goldberg, CUNY Graduate Center; Zhigang  Zhu, City College of New York
Learning Pain from Emotion: Transferred HoT Data Representation for Pain Intensity Estimation
Corneliu Florea, University Politehnica of Buc.; Laura Florea, University Politehnica of Bucarest; Constantin Vertan, University Politehnica of Bucarest
Neural Network Fusion of Color, Depth and Location for Object Instance Recognition on a Mobile Robot
Louis-Charles Caron, ENSTA ParisTech; David Filliat, ENSTA ParisTech; Alexander Gepperth, ENSTA ParisTech
 An Experimental Analysis of Saliency Detection with respect to Three Saliency Levels
Antonino Furnari, Universitŕ degli Studi di Cata; Giovanni Farinella, University of Catania; Sebastiano Battiato, University of Catania
Recognizing Daily Activities in Realistic Environments through Depth-based User Tracking and Hidden Conditional Random Fields for MCI/AD support
Dimitris Giakoumis, CERTH-ITI; Georgios Stavropoulos, CERTH-ITI / UPAT; Dimitrios Kikidis, CERTH-ITI; Manolis Vasileiadis, CERTH-ITI; Konstantinos Votis, CERTH-ITI; Dimitrios Tzovaras, CERTH-ITI
3D layout propagation to improve object recognition in egocentric videos
Alejandro Rituerto, Universidad de Zaragoza; Ana Murillo, Universidad de Zaragoza; Jose Jesús Guerrero Campo,
Snippet Histograms for Assistive Technologies
Ahmet Iscen, Bilkent University; Pinar Duygulu, Bilkent University; Alex Hauptmann, Carnegie Mellon University
Combining Semi-Autonomous Navigation with Manned Behaviour in a Cooperative Driving System for Mobile Robotic Telepresence
Andrey Kiselev, Örebro University; Annica Kristoffersson, Örebro University; Amy Loutfi, Örebro University
Associating Locations Between Indoor Journeys from Wearable Cameras
Jose Rivera-Rubio, Imperial College London; Ioannis Alexiou, Queen Mary University of London; Anil  Bharath, Imperial College of London
Smart camera reconfiguration in assisted home environment for elderly care
Krishna Konda, University of Trento; Andrea Rosani, University of Trento; Nicola Conci, University of Trento; Francesco De Natale, University of Trento