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Pubblicazioni - Articoli su Rivista
In questa sezione è mostrata la lista degli Articoli pubblicati su Riviste Internazionali e NON negli ultimi 15 anni.
Mentre utilizzando il menù di ricerca per Autore e/o Anno e/o Tipologia, possono essere visualizzate anche i dati relativi agli anni precedenti il 2003.  Qui, per visualizzare i dati relativi ad un anno specifico, clicca su Vedi relativo all'anno scelto.  (N.D. sotto uno specifico anno significa dati NON Disponibili in archivio).
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Articoli su Riviste JCR/ISI - Anno 2017 (in totale sono: 59)

1) Effect of surface texturing by femtosecond laser on tantalum carbide ceramics for solar receiver applications in Solar Energy Materials And Solar Cells di Sciti D., Trucchi D.M., Bellucci A., Orlando S., Zoli L., Sani E.  (Cit.: 3)

2) Three-dimensional mapping of the orientation of collagen corneal lamellae in healthy and keratoconic human corneas using SHG microscopy in Journal Of Biophotonics di Mercatelli R., Ratto F., Rossi F., Tatini F., Menabuoni L., Malandrini A., Nicoletti R., Pini R., Pavone FS., Cicchi R.  (Cit.: 3)

3) Influence of the photon orbital angular momentum on electric dipole transitions: negative experimental evidence in Optics Letters di Giammanco F., Perona A., Marsili P., Conti F., Fidecaro F., Gozzini S., Lucchesini A.  (Cit.: 2)

4) Singly resonant second-harmonic-generation frequency combs in Physical Review A di Hansson T., Leo F., Erkintalo M., Coen S., Ricciardi I., De Rosa M., Wabnitz S.  (Cit.: 2)

5) Detection of food and skin pathogen microbiota by means of an electronic nose based on metal oxide chemiresistors in Sensors And Actuators. B, Chemical (print) di Carmona E.N., Sberveglieri V., Ponzoni A., Galstyan V., Zappa D., Pulvirenti A., Comini E.  (Cit.: 1)

6) Electron beam test of key elements of the laser-based calibration system for the muon g-2 experiment in Nuclear Instruments & Methods In Physics Research Section A-accelerators Spectrometers Detectors And Associated Equipment di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Hampai Dariush, Gabbanini Carlo, Fioretti Andrea, Ferrari Carlo  (Cit.: 1)

7) Josephson plasma oscillations and the Gross-Pitaevskii equation: Bogoliubov approach versus two-mode model in Physical Review A di Burchianti A., Fort C., Modugno M.  (Cit.: 1)

8) Laser milling of martensitic stainless steels using spiral trajectories in Optics And Lasers In Engineering di Romoli L., Tantussi F., Fuso F.  (Cit.: 1)

9) Ranolazine Prevents Phenotype Development in a Mouse Model of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in Circulation-heart Failure di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Sacconi Leonardo  (Cit.: 1)

10) Thin layered drawing media probed by THz time-domain spectroscopy in Analyst di Tasseva J., Taschin A., Bartolini P., Striova J., Fontana R., Torre R.  (Cit.: 1)

11) AlGaAs waveguide microresonators for efficient generation of quadratic frequency combs in Journal Of The Optical Society Of America B-optical Physics di Parisi M., Morais N., Ricciardi I., Mosca S., Hansson T., Wabnitz S., Leo G., De Rosa M.

12) Beaming light from a quantum emitter with a planar optical antenna in Light: Science & Applications di Checcucci S., Lombardi P., Rizvi S., Sgrignuoli F., Gruhler N., Dieleman F.B.C., Cataliotti F.S., Pernice W.H.P., Agio M., Toninelli C.

13) Casimir forces and quantum friction from Ginzburg radiation in atomic BECs in Physical Review Letters di Marino J., Recati A., Carusotto I.

14) Controlling In-Plane Isotropic and Anisotropic Orientation of Organic Semiconductor Molecules on Ionic Fluoride Dielectrics in Journal Of Physical Chemistry C di Jiang T.M., Koshmak K., Giglia A., Banshchikov A., Sokolov N.S., Dinelli F., Capelli R., Pasquali L.

15) Crossing Over from Attractive to Repulsive Interactions in a Tunneling Bosonic Josephson Junction in Physical Review Letters di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Spagnolli Giacomo, Ferioli Giovanni, Inguscio Massimo, Smerzi Augusto, Modugno Giovanni, Fattori Marco, Pezzè Luca, Trenkwalder Andreas, Landini Manuele, Masi Leonardo

16) Dark-state resonances observed on the D2 line of potassium in Proceedings Of Spie, The International Society For Optical Engineering di Krasteva A., Gateva S., Andreeva C., Alzetta G., Gozzini S., Moi L., Sarkisyan D., Nasyrov K., Cartaleva S.

17) Design and characterization of Yb and Nd doped transparent ceramics for high power laser applications: recent advancements. in Proceedings Of Spie di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Vannini Matteo, Ciofini Marco, Lapucci Antonio, Pirri Angela, Gizzi Leonida Antonio, Labate Luca

18) Design and performance of SiPM-based readout of PbF2 crystals for high-rate, precision timing applications in Journal Of Instrumentation di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Gabbanini Carlo, Fioretti Andrea, Ferrari Carlo

19) Directional quasi-phase matching AlGaAs waveguide microresonators for efficient generation of quadratic frequency combs in Proceedings Of Spie di Parisi M., Ricciardi I., Mosca S., Morais N., Hansson T., Wabnitz S., Leo G., De Rosa M.

20) Efficient post-acceleration of protons in helical coil targets driven by sub-ps laser pulses in Scientific Reports di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Cantono Giada, Macchi Andrea

21) Electrical defects of the transverse-axial tubular system in cardiac diseases in Journal Of Physiology-london di Crocini C., Ferrantini C., Coppini R., Sacconi L.

22) Electron Weibel instability in relativistic counterstreaming plasmas with flow-aligned external magnetic fields in Physical Review E di Grassi A., Grech. M., Amiranoff F., Pegoraro F., Macchi A., Riconda C.

23) Evaluation of elliptical optical cavity for a combustion thermophotovoltaic system in Solar Energy Materials And Solar Cells di Sansoni P., Fontani D., Francini F., Jafrancesco D., Gabetta G., Casale M., Campesato R., Toniato G.

24) Experimental observation of parametric instabilities at laser intensities relevant for shock ignition in Europhysics Letters di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Cristoforetti Gabriele, Gizzi Leonida Antonio, Koester Petra, Batani Dimitri, Baffigi Federica, Labate Luca

25) Fast and Eco-friendly Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Rosemary Essential Oil as Renewable Reducing Agent in Chemistry Select di Gonzalez-Rivera J., Duce C., Ierardi V., Longo I., Spepi A., Ferrari C., Tine, MR.

26) Field laser applications in industry and research in Applied Physics B - Photophysics And Laser Chemistry di D'Amato F., Kerstel E., Fried A.

27) Forty years after the first dark resonance experiment: an overview of the COSMA project results in Proceedings Of Spie, The International Society For Optical Engineering di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Gozzini Silvia

28) Frontiers of molecular gas sensing in Rivista Del Nuovo Cimento di Maddaloni P., Bartalini S., Cancio P., De Rosa M., Mazzotti D., De Natale P.

29) Fundamental limits in high-Q droplet microresonators in Scientific Reports di Giorgini A., Avino S., Malara P., De Natale P., Gagliardi G.

30) Gold nanoparticle-filled biodegradable photopolymer scaffolds induced muscle remodeling: in vitro and in vivo findings in Materials Science & Engineering. C, Materials For Biological Applications di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Brandi Fernando

31) Highly efficient light extraction and directional emission from large refractive-index materials with a planar Yagi-Uda antenna in Optical Materials Express di Galal H., Agio M.

32) Improvement of the visibility of concealed features in artwork NIR reflectograms by information separation in Digital Signal Processing di Blazek J., Striova J., Fontana R., Zítová B.

33) Lanthanum hexaboride for solar energy applications in Scientific Reports di Sani E., Mercatelli L., Meucci M., Zoli L., Sciti D.

34) Long-lived contrails and convective cirrus above the tropical tropopause in Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics (print) di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: D'Amato Francesco

35) Measurement of the excited-state transverse hyperfine coupling in NV centers via dynamic nuclear polarization in Physical Review B di Poggiali F., Cappellaro P., Fabbri N.

36) Metal Oxide Gas Sensors, a Survey of Selectivity Issues Addressed at the SENSOR Lab, Brescia (Italy) in Sensors (basel) di Ponzoni A., Baratto C., Cattabiani N., Falasconi M., Galstyan V., Nunez-Carmona E., Rigoni F., Sberveglieri V., Zambotti G., Zappa D.

37) NIR transmittance tuneability under a magnetic field of colloidal suspensions of goethite (alpha-FeOOH) nanorods in Rsc Advances di Agresti F., Zin V., Barison S., Sani E., Meucci M., Mercatelli L., Nodari L., Rossi S., Bobbo S., Fabrizio M.

38) Nonlinear dynamics of optical frequency combs in Proceedings Of Spie di Wabnitz S., Hansson T., Leo F., Ricciardi I., De Rosa M., Coen S., Erkintalo M.

39) Optical CAD Utilization for the Design and Testing of a LED Streetlamp in Materials di Jafrancesco D., Mercatelli L., Fontani D., Sansoni P.

40) Optical Tests on a Curve Fresnel Lens as Secondary Optics for Solar Troughs in International Journal Of Photoenergy di Fontani D., Sansoni P., Francini F., DeLucia M., Pierucci G., Jafrancesco D.

41) Optogenetics gets to the heart: A guiding light beyond defibrillation in Progress In Biophysics & Molecular Biology di Crocini C., Ferrantini C., Pavone F. S., Sacconi L.

42) Pathogenesis of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is Mutation Rather Than Disease Specific: A Comparison of the Cardiac Troponin T E163R and R92Q Mouse Models in Journal Of The American Heart Association di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Sacconi Leonardo

43) Phase transitions at high energy vindicate negative microcanonical temperature in Physical Review E di Buonsante P., Franzosi R., Smerzi A.

44) Photoinitiator-free 3D scaffolds fabricated by excimer laser photocuring in Nanotechnology di Farkas B., Dante S., Brandi F.,

45) Polarization Dependence of Bulk Ion Acceleration from Ultrathin Foils Irradiated by High-Intensity Ultrashort Laser Pulses in Physical Review Letters di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Macchi Andrea, Sgattoni Andrea

46) Quantitative assessment of passive electrical properties of the cardiac T-tubular system by FRAP microscopy in Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Silvestri Ludovico, Scardigli Marina, Sacconi Leonardo, Pavone Francesco Saverio

47) Radiation pressure acceleration: perspectives and limits in Journal Of Instrumentation di Macchi A., Livi C., Sgattoni A.

48) Refractive index variation in a free-standing diamond thin film induced by irradiation with fully transmitted high-energy protons in Scientific Reports di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Vannoni Maurizio, Sordini Andrea, Sciortino Silvio, Lagomarsino Stefano, Olivero Paolo

49) Relativistic surface plasmon enhanced harmonic generation from gratings in Applied Physics Letters di Fedeli L., Sgattoni A., Cantono G., Macchi A.,

50) Repulsive Fermi Polarons in a Resonant Mixture of Ultracold 6Li Atoms in Physical Review Letters di Scazza F., Valtolina G., Massignan P., Recati A., Amico A., Burchianti A., Fort C., Inguscio M., Zaccanti M., Roati G.

51) Rheology of complex fluids with vibrating fiber-optic sensors in Sensors And Actuators A-physical di Malara P., Zullo R., Filippone G., Verdolotti L., Lavorgna M., Giorgini A., Avino S., Gagliardi G.,

52) Rise time of proton cut-off energy in 2D and 3D PIC simulations in Physics Of Plasmas di Babaei J., Gizzi LA., Londrillo P., Mirzanejad S., Rovelli T., Sinigardi S., Turchetti, G.

53) Simultaneous retrieval of water vapour, temperature and cirrus clouds properties from measurements of far infrared spectral radiance over the Antarctic Plateau in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques di Di Natale G., Palchetti L., Bianchini G., Del Guasta M.

54) Spectral Characterization of the Surface Longwave Radiation over the East Antarctic Plateau in Aip Conference Proceedings di Palchetti L., Lanconelli C., Bianchini G., Di Natale G.

55) Spectroscopy and CW first laser operation of Yb-doped Gd-3(Al0.5Ga0.5)(5)O-12 crystal in Optical Materials Express di Toci G., Pirri A., Ryba-Romanowsky W., Berkowski M., Vannini M.

56) Titanium diboride ceramics for solar thermal absorbers in Solar Energy Materials And Solar Cells di Sani E., Meucci M., Mercatelli L., Balbo A., Musa C., Licheri R., Orrù R., Cao G.

57) Transition from Coherent to Stochastic electron heating in ultrashort relativistic laser interaction with structured targets in Scientific Reports di oltre 10 autori fra cui afferenti INO: Cristoforetti Gabriele, Gizzi Leonida Antonio, Baffigi Federica

58) Tunable and Polarization-Controlled High-Contrast Bright and Dark Coherent Resonances in Potassium in Optics Letters di Gozzini S., Fioretti A., Lucchesini A., Marinelli C., Marmugi L., Tsvetkov S., Gateva S. and Cartaleva S.

59) Vortex Reconnections and Rebounds in Trapped Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates in Physical Review X di Serafini S., Galantucci L., Iseni E., Bienaimé T., Bisset R.N. , Barenghi C.F., Dalfovo F., Lamporesi G., Ferrari G.

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